Telephone Support

Having issues with your telephone service? Taking a moment to follow these quick troubleshooting steps can often times resolve common issues that occur with landline telephone service.

If you have no dial tone or static on your line, the first thing you should do is unplug ALL telephones both corded and cordless from the telephone jack in the wall. Wait 5 minutes with all phones unplugged and plug phones back in one by one, preferably starting with a standard corded telephone. Cordless phones are notorious for going bad (especially after bad weather) and causing issues with all extensions in the home. If problem persists call NTD at 920.426.9192 or 800.709.1818 or email us at

If you have no dial tone on a line, check to make sure that line is dead on all phones at the location. This will rule out an issue with that particular telephone. If one specific line is dead on all phones, give us a call right away.

If you are experiencing static on the line, check to make sure static is occurring on that line on all phones. Again static can be caused by the phone itself, a bad handset cord or a bad headset.

In the event all of the telephone lines at your location are not working, the first thing to check is does your Telephone System/PBX appear to be powered up? Are all the lights on the phones lit up, date and time displaying properly? If the phones do not appear to have power the issue is most likely with that system and you should contact the provider of the Telephone System/PBX. If phones are powered on, displaying properly but you have no dial tone on all lines, this is more likely going to be caused by a Telco issue and you should contact NTD immediately at 920.426.9192 or 800.709.1818.