NTD Fibernet for Business

Reliable internet access is critical to any business which is why you need NTD Fibernet.  Fibernet is truly the GOLD STANDARD for internet.  Our Fiber Optic Cable network is constructed by our own, local construction crew and is essentially weatherproof and resistant to other types of interference and damage that traditional cable and copper networks are affected by.  This makes fiber optic cable the best choice for both reliability and speed.  

Our Sales Team will work with you to provide a custom quote for services, tailored to your business needs.  They take the time to ask questions and understand your needs rather than push you into a “one size fits all” agreement.  We do the homework and the preparations to make the upgrade to NTD Fibernet as smooth as possible because time is money and disruptions to your business phone or internet can cost you both!

From the crews that put the fiber in the ground to our Sales Team and Installers you will be dealing only with locally based employees that care about your experience.  We are not a temporary presence in Oshkosh, we’ve been here since 1993 and that’s not going to change!

While we are always expanding in Oshkosh service is not currently available at all addresses.  Please contact us to confirm availability. 

What We Offer

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Local to Oshkosh since 1993
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Speeds up to 1Gig
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24/7 Customer Support