Q. Can I keep my current telephone number if I were to switch to NTD for service?

A. Yes you can keep your current telephone number as long as you are not physically moving out of the area serviced by your current provider.

A. Will get overage charges on my bill if I subscribe to internet with NTD?

A. No. NTD does not limit the amount of data a subscriber can use in a month.

Q. What makes NTD different from other telephone providers?

A. At NTD our customer service makes the difference. When you do business with us you are talking to people, not an automated system.

Q. How long does it take to switch my service to NTD?

A. In most cases your service can be switched over to NTD within 7-10 business days.

Q. What is the FCC Charge on my bill?

A. This fee covers the costs of the local phone network and supports the upkeep and infrastructure costs related to maintaining the local exchange carrier.

Q. What is the number portability surcharge (NSR)?

A. This fee/surcharge ensures that you may retain your local telephone number if you acquire service with another local carrier.

Q. What is the WI Police & Fire Protection Fee on my bill?

A. This fee is imposed by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue on all voice communication connections with an assigned telephone number.

Q. Why do I pay a 911 Surcharge?

A. Wisconsin has adopted by statute a funding mechanism to reimburse local telecommunications exchange carriers for just the telephone expenses incurred to implement and operate an enhanced 911 system for landline telephone service. The 911 statute permits local carriers to collect a surcharge through the monthly telephone bill to recover the 911 related telephone network expenses. The authorization for that surcharge is a contract between the county government and the participating telephone companies within the county.

Q. What is the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee?

A. FUSF is a required tax designed to aid poor households, rural areas, schools and to pay for telephone and data technology. For more information see https://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/universal-service-fund.